This essay is the introduction to my Inclusive Governance Framework, which is underdeveloped but IMO structurally sound and resilient. Inclusive Governance Framework is one of my personal keystones for developing inclusive action, collective intelligence, and our sustainable future.

Pathways to Participation

The problem

We can develop ungoverned digital networks through open technical standards…

This continues from Developing P2P Networking and Nonlinear Dialogue: Part One. This text is openly licensed via Creative Commons CC BY 4.0. — Greg

Three Keys to P2P Networking and Nonlinear Dialogue

This section describes the deep importance of modularity, ongoing dialogue and intercommunity in the development of p2p networking and nonlinear dialogue.


Deeply modular design is the

This is a personal creative manifesto. I hope to serve all people’s interests via priorities and processes outlined here. This text is openly licensed via Creative Commons CC BY 4.0. — Greg

Our Common Challenges

We the people of Earth all share many needs, potentials and problems.


Humanity must develop broadly tolerant, compassionate…

Many people argue online about climate change and life in the distant future. I try not to speculate much personally, because I have more important (in fact urgent) creative goals.

However, I’d bet that by the end of this century, we’ll have either survived or NOT survived our immediate need…

I want to share some thoughts on the nature of personal cultural criticism, bias, prejudice and racism. This brief essay doesn’t address collective challenges such as unjust institutions.

My terms here aren’t meant to be strictly prescriptive. My only goal is to facilitate clear and effective communication.


Mass media deeply…

As I quoted Thoreau in December 2014:

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” — Henry David Thoreau

If anyone is protesting Trump’s election just to be heard, fine: I hear you.

If you’re raging and shaming Trump voters, I think you’re missing the point of our cultural challenge.

If you’re organizing to support vulnerable people and groups, I deeply thank…

When I wrote Labor Day in 2012, I was philosophically radical but somewhat cautious and conventional in my political thinking. I wrote: “I favor working with whatever we have, unless it eventually proves itself to be irredeemably tainted or broken.” My verdict since then:

(1) Yes, all current large-scale systems…

Image by Greg Cassel

I’m introducing Agreement-Based Organization, derived from ongoing research, discussion, and collaboration with innovative groups including Loomio, Enspiral, Value Flows, and Collaborative Technology Alliance. I believe that Agreement-Based Organization (ABO 1.0) is the first community-building framework which fully supports our personal autonomy and the integrity of interpersonal agreements.

As peer-to-peer technologies…

Many software developers have converged lately in favor of a complete ecosystem of freely available, interoperable social tools and technologies. Such an ecosystem could help humanity to organize more genuinely, building sustainable social energy in favor of freedom and accountable opportunity for all.

I’d like to outline some fundamental concepts…

I want to discuss online networks, projects and enterprises, but it seems important to start with some ideas about online identity. These ideas influence my views on online decision process, as well as new collaboration paradigms in agile software development and distributed version control. …

Greg S. Cassel

P2P networking design, consciousness-raising and practivism. Protocols>platforms, communication>control.

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